Holiday will over

#saranghae, kehkeh :D

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Bonjour fellas! Sorry because I'm late update. I'll change my blog skin become ohsemm \tak ohsemm pun/ and I'll give link for looks my new blog#or I''l not give, and you find it yourself, :p. Don't worry, I still stay update on this blog\so that's means this my officially, muehehe/ blog but for my privacy, I'll update at another blog. Yeah, I really enjoyed my holiday so how about you? Are you enjoyed it? Hurm, I get sick...\and that's why I didn't come PSV class, =_='/ But now, I'm getting well soon! Weeeee! I'm excited to go to school tomorrow but I've got love letter from doctor. Ohheckkk T_T #but inside of my heart, Yeahaaa! :D

Recently, I watch "LOVE STORY", yeah I know I'm so LAME =..=\so lapuk okay, pahal aku ni, orang lain dah tak layan movie tu sekarang/ because it's too late to watch, ohh it's to late, to lateeeeeee!#a.k.a sing with One Republic song \Hehehe/. Okay some comment on this movie, every movies including actors like Acha and Irwansyah, I think I'll still faithful watch it. Maybe I love this "couple"#T_T I know, I mean ex-couples acting in movies.\I means every movies yang Acha and Irwansyah acting, I'll love it, tak tahu lah kenapa/ But. No wonder I like Acha, she's like something interesting#yeah I'm half of Acha fans, of course I like her as my sista.

Okay that's all for today. Actually I'll stop blogging for a while. I'll tell you when I'm ready and of course it will before next month. So followers, keep faithful follow me okay. If not, I'll bite you! Hey! I'm just joking, don't mad. Haha. Holiday, bye-bye. I love holiday but sometimes I hate about holiday. One thing I hate about holiday, I'll forgot how to write. My handwritting is so FUGLY everytime school re-open. My bad.


thanks for read my post ;)

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