Yesterday, I was..

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Hi blog's world (: Day by day, my life is getting better and thanks to God for giving me such a great time. But yesterday may not be such a great day. Opps sorry, my mistake, typing error. Yesterday, was the great day for me. I come to my late grandmother's house and stay at there.. Then I looked at her rooms. Swear, I miss my grandmother so much! I miss how she told to me for take bath, HEHE#akutaksukamandi,sukabusukkandiri. :D Actually, I want cry but I don't want any my family at there know it. So, I'm just act as normally person. That's was make me feel realize to find the NEW life. I know it getting worse now but I'm trying to change it. Owh, just wanna tell you guys, my syaurah owh little cute my dolls my BARBIE, have new BLOG! I'll shown link and her blog later kayys? Okay laaa. Okay GREAT. Shake_it2x!(Lucky Guy- Kim Hyun Joong)  Ehh, lari tajuk guys! Sorry, tension kott? K, Assalammualaikum.

thanks for read my post ;)

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