When I'm listen 2PM music, Hands Up, and it's sound like G6. I know it's so LAME but, I never feels bored with KPOP okay. But I more love to looks them, HIHI. I don't know why but their looks and songs, so COOL! 

I think he Junho, right?
I love his hair, NICE!



Chan Sung! He's GOOD in SEXY DANCING~ XD
Ahahaha, opppsss!

And this Taecyon, he looks like my FRIEND, isn't?
Ahh, you don't know who my FRIEND, LOL. HAHA!

Nickhun, handsome guy~

and CUTE man, Woo Young XD, OMG!

Last, Junsu~ Hehe~

Pity my Kim Dong Jun, 
Sorry, because I'm unfair
 to you.. T.T Huuu~ 

thanks for read my post ;)

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