Karma will go to you after this..

Hello, and good nights! Readers, hope you'll not angry to me anymore bacause this will be last post about my problem. To my lovely friends, you know that I trust you to tell my problem and my expression, right? And you know that I never want it publicized. You know that I trust you so much! But why you betray to me and you tell her??! How could you??! You so cruel! Fine, I'm feel so regret because I ever be your friends! I don't know why you do this to me! Are you know you're make this condition become worse. "Thank you so much because make me as stupid person". After this I'll never trust you anymore... You make me feels so dissapointed. I can tell them(my best friend) about this but I don't want it getting worse! Feels so lazy. After this you're not my LOVELY FRIENDS! Let Allah pay back what you've did to me, Aminnn. My lovely friends pray for me kay! But just now...... After pray, I just wanna say syukur alhamdullilah, Allah I get back my calmness! I feels so calm. no worries anymore! Maybe this is clue and guidance from Allah. Thanks a lot Allah! Really really.....Alhamdullilah!*speechless*

thanks for read my post ;)

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