my friend from overseas ^^&

See below picture of cute girl? Go see the first. I know, very cute right?? This my friend from Russia. She will study English and French. Her's name Eugene Shiyatiya @ Jennifer Now, she's 17th and still study (mathematics, the Russian language,  the English language and literature).  Even we have facebook and twitter profiles but we just always sent mail with each other on myspace only because we are more comfortable sending mail on myspace and that is where the starting point for our friendship. Btw, She kind-hearted, pretty ,cute and nice person.  We become friends from Aug/2010. And I treat her like my sister. This is the begin, we sent mail and reply each other. 

Today, I open my mail.. At 10/2010, she've mail to me. But I really don't know. You know what?? I 've just open her mail TODAY but it was sent at 10/12/2010. She'll mad to me, right?? Heheh.
When I open her mail today, I'm thinking "Is that you, Eugene?? Whoa, I'ven't been seen her for ages!"  It's long time, you know!  I really miss her..  -_-|||

Dear my friend, you're so sweet!
I hope we can be friend until death, yeah XD

You're so cute lahhh!
(aduhh terojak bm & bi la plak)
To Eugene:Tell me when you come to malaysia, okea!
I hope you're not mad to me =)

thanks for read my post ;)

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Wah, cun siott mbe u ni
Comel giler2, huhu

Btw, jom follow me back
N tinggalkan komen kt entry sis aen ya
thanks dear